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Welcome to the website of We Are the Drops.

This is your platform to share your daily efforts and find new tips to protect the environment. It is not only to discuss but also to act concretely.

Please handle the bar: Here you can say what you do and why it is important for the environment. You can share your ideas, answer our survey or leave your comments.

We are the drops and together we form an ocean of possibilities.

Your opinion and actions matter!




Imagine that a friend of a friend of a buddy’s brother knows someone who knows Leonardo DiCaprio. Imagine that someone could have you meet Leonardo DiCaprio. What would you say to him?

Of course, you could say, “I’m your biggest fan. I’ve seen all your movies. Can we take a selfie?” Yet in this situation you are not going to see Mr. DiCaprio just 30 seconds for a selfie: this is a friend of a friend, blah-blah … So you’re going to have dinner with him: Do you have something smarter to say in order to make an impression?

This story actually went through the mind of one of the drops of We Are the drops… when leaving the bathroom… (Yes this detail matters!) His thought: “What the heck am I going to tell him? I love ecology but, well… I work full-time and I am always broke so volunteering and donations… uh, not in the cards. But, on the other hand, I pee in the shower, not too bad, right?!

Indeed, a couple of weeks ago, the drop had seen in a news program the action of two students of a university in England who encouraged people to do something for the environment: pee in the shower to save 12 liters of water.The Little newspaper-Chronicle

So if you dine with Mr. DiCaprio that’s a tip to make an impression … Granted, talking about peeing in the shower during dinner, just to save 12 liters of water does not seem worth it, but it’s a start: With 12 liters of water on a campus of 15 000 students, you could fill 26 Olympic pools!

At that point, our drop remembered two things. First, he’d seen a documentary about the Paris agreement on climate change in which the interviewees felt that their meager efforts did not help much in light of the multitude of destructive environmental issues facing the planet. Their efforts seemed to be a tiny drop of water in the limitless ocean.

Second, he recalled the excerpt from the movie Cloud Atlas when the handsome man says“What is any ocean, but a multitude of drops?” Bam! In your face, the global warming!

So, We Are the Drops, truth be told, was conceived as the drop was exiting the privy. We needed a place of expression where everyone could share their ideas on how to protect the environment; a place where we could see how our combined efforts can help to protect the environment. While the corporations continue never-ending brainstorming to make more money, we have launched the world-while DROPSTORMING to gather everyone’s eco-friendly tips.

The question is now: with your brains and your two hands what do you do concretely to protect the environment and why?

And finally just one more thing (if we dare ask): And you, Leo, do you pee in the shower?