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After the coronavirus health crisis, we are preparing for an unprecedented economic crisis.  Yet many talk about “reinventing the world”. In order to participate to this change, here is a unique application!

We have been working on this project since January 2016. Despite of its innovation for ecology and solidarity, we have no support from banks or public grant. Therefore we need your help!

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Do you think sometimes that you put in a lot of efforts to protect the planet, but it’s not worth it? Do you think that even if you turn the lights off, save some water and recycle, it’s worthless compared to the climate disasters we’re facing?

We all know that our environmental footprint is too big. We’re too heavy for the planet. However, we have nothing to size our efforts when we try to lose some weight. So we run against the clock of climate change without a compass or stopwatch.

Whatever, you are convinced that it’s important to reduce your environmental footprint, so you keep running. No matter the tsunamis, deforestation, snowfall, floods, nuclear waste, oil accidents, you keep moving forward and we are amazed: BRAVO!

And so one day we thought that we should support your efforts. So, as our environmental footprint is too big, we invented a kind of scale to weigh your efforts.

So we wrote all functional specifications and work as a family with the dad, mum, brothers and sister… since it’s been happiness!

Over the months, work has progressed to make an app for you that is called “We Are The Drops”. It’s a unique tool where you could share your eco-friendly ideas with your friends and measure together your environmental savings.

For instance, if you refuse to use a plastic bottle, how much will you save in greenhouse gases, oil, water, power and footprint? And what if you’re not alone to refuse the plastic bottle but you’re 3, 4, 5 or 6 people: how much are you going to save together?

On We Are The Drops app, you will be able to share those efforts for the planet and measure your savings in CO2, water, oil, power and environmental footprint.

Actually, we have been working on this project for more than 3 years. More we go further, and more the world around us looks insane or maybe it’s just us?

But in all cases, we move forward step by step. At this time, we work without a penny from banks or any public money. So we use some of our free time and our own money along with elbow grease – really a lot!

So in order to support your involvement – we are asking for some help. Every contribution you make will be used to develop our app. Only 5 or 10 euros or dollars might seem very little but as each drop matters our power is an ocean! So seriously, we thank you warmly for your contribution!

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