No Kettle? It’s Settled! 

You come back inside and it is definitely chilly! In order to warm yourself up a bit, you head to the kitchen to make yourself a nice warm tea. While refilling your electric kettle, you ask yourself if, with the weather this warm, you might soon see polar bears in your backyard!

This world is screwed, but what is there to do?

In reality, you can act to protect the environment just by heating up water for your tea. It might not seem obvious at first glance, but using a kettle has almost the same environmental impact as your washer and dryer or your radiator. 

In fact, your kettle consumes a large amount of electricity as the resistance found in the interior causes the tea water to heat up. 

However, you can easily replace your kettle by a simple saucepan, which will help you to reduce your electricity consumption, but also to limit your CO2 emission and your ecological imprint. 

All hope isn’t lost after all: we can heat up tea water and aid the planet! So, be the next to take the metal for not using the kettle!

A trick from Gilles



Every time you make tea without using an electric kettle, you help to save approximately:

  • 75 Watts of power (production),
  • 68 g of CO2 equivalent (electricity production),
  • 1.5 m² of ecological footprint (virtual forest required to absorb CO2 emissions)


In deciding to no longer use an electric kettle, you will also avoid contributing to the ecological impact of its manufacturing: 1,300 liters of water,  26 liters of petrol, 110 kW of electricity, 7.8 kg equivalent of CO2, and 172 m2 of ecological footprint.

  (*) These data are statistically estimated for personal use only. Any use for scientific, business or legal purposes is strongly discouraged.


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