Because you deserve a silver spoon

Let’s say you are a very committed drop who puts a lot of efforts into protecting the environment. However, you have lunch every day at your company cafeteria where there are only plastic utensils: disposable forks, knives, spoons and (obviously!) paper napkins. Such an eco-unfriendly set: petroleum oil, greenhouse gasses (GHGs), water pollution and plastic waste.

Please don’t feel cooked! Here’s Kerry’s trick: bring your own cutlery set. Either made of stainless steel or silver, you deserve a royal meal without destroying the planet. Despite the fact that you will need to wash dishes, your reusable cutlery does not require any packaging and it won’t be shipped all over the world to your table each time you eat.

And for the office Christmas party or colleague’s birthday, what about a reusable cutlery set for a gift? Keep in mind that the more drops involved, the greater the wave.

A tip shared by Kerry


For each meal without using disposable utensils, you will save about:

  • 0.42 oz. / 15 grams of waste
  • 1.15 fl. oz. / 70 ml of petroleum oil (plastic production and transportation)
  • 9 kW of power (plastic production and packaging)
  • 1 gallon / 4.5 liters of water (oil extraction)
  • 0.67 oz. / 19 grams of CO2 equivalent (power production, oil extraction, and transportation)
  • 194 ft2 / 18 m2 ecological print (virtual forest required to absorb CO2 emissions)


You might want to use disposable utensils made from biodegradable materials instead of plastic. However, no matter the composition, disposable dishes cause around 5 kg of waste per person per year. As a drop trying to do your part, that should resonate with you, right?

(*) These data are statistically estimated for personal use only. Any use for scientific, business or legal purposes is strongly discouraged.

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