The devil is in the cocktails, so let’s drink water

You are preparing for another family dinner and you’re already drunk just by thinking about it.

On the menu tonight: do not step on anyone’s toast! Do not mention how your brother-in-law is always late, do not suggest that a man washes the dishes for once, and do not ask who will inherit the waffle iron. For dessert, do not talk about politics, immigration, economic crisis, religion or climate change.

To stop feeling ambashed, you will need to eat and drink a lot. Before ending up soiree for being merry, please consider drinking water without moderation.

You and Wine can’t remain boozet friends forever, knowing that one glass consumes up to 120 liters of water (31.7 gal.). And if you’re in love with Heineken, you will discover that it has an affair with 300 liters of water (79.3 gal.) to produce one liter of beer. Next year you deserve to be habbeer!

Of course, you’re not a sparty person. You know that the devil is in the cocktails. Your relationship with Jake Daniel is a shot case, and you don’t need to drown the sadness in Chardonnay anymore.

Even if it’s nice to warmup with Captain Morgan sometimes, remember that we gamble up to 4,000 liters (1,057 gal.) of water a day per person while freshwater gets scarcer and droughts more frequent.

So let’s cheers with water and not drink from the bottle!


When you drink a glass of water (200 ml – 6.75 fl oz) instead of an alcoholic beverage, you save approximately:

  • 5.3 gall. / 20 liters of water (growing trees, oil extraction)
  • 15.4 fl oz / 454 milliliters of oil (farming and shipment)
  • 0.5 kW of power (manufacturing and bottling)
  • 9.8 oz / 80 g of CO2 equivalent (power production, oil extraction, and shipment)
  • 10.8 ft2 / 1 m2 ecological footprint (virtual forest required to absorb CO2 emissions)
  • 9 to 1,999 US dollars / 9 to 999 euros
(*) These data are statistically estimated for personal use only. Any use for scientific, business or legal purposes is strongly discouraged.

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