As you hurry, your pantyhose runs and it socks!

It’s 8:43am and you’re officially late for work! You rush to your bedroom. As usual, you have nothing to wear and not enough closet space! Finally, you catch an almost-clean T-shirt, your favorite skirt, and a pair of tights.

Obviously, those thighs take forever to fit in. The inventor of pantyhose actually left us quite a legacy: a good reason for men to complain that ladies spend too much time preparing and so overshadow them at work!

As you hurry, your pantyhose runs. Seriously, how many times did you wear this pair?! 2 or 3 times, it socks right?


What used to be a legend is now the reality: the HOP association survey showed that manufacturers make no effort to improve the durability of our tights. They even spend up to 750 liters of water (198 gall.) to manufacture a pair of pantyhose that is not even recyclable.

Perhaps people in the fashion industry are too clothes minded to understand the environmental stakes.


“We must do something, it’s been too darn long!” you think. You’re totally right.

Fortunately, some brands try to toe nail down the environmental protection. They offer materials that are less harmful to the environment and therefore more sustainable for you and the planet. For instance, we can unveil: tortoise & lady grey, Swedish stockings, Stocktights, etc.

Their prices may be stocking but it’s a long-term investment. So let’s break a few legs!



When you avoid buying a new pair of tights, you will save approximately:

  • 4.5 gal. / 17 liters of oil (nylon, solvents, packaging, and shipment)
  • 198 gall. / 750 liters of water (oil extraction)
  • 50 kW of power (manufacturing and packaging)
  • 9.9 lb. / 4.5 kg of CO2 equivalent (power production, oil extraction)
  • 1055 ft2 / 98 m2 ecological footprint (virtual forest required to absorb CO2 emissions)
  • 4 to 30 US dollars / 3 to 20 euros


Do you have dozens of tights going to the trash? Do not panic, there is a lot of tricks to reuse your used pantyhose. You can even use it to wrap gifts!


(*) These data are statistically estimated for personal use only. Any use for scientific, business or legal purposes is strongly discouraged.


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