Let’s celebrate the World Environment Day 2018

On June 5th, 2018 we will celebrate World Environment Day. Everywhere in the world, people are organizing events for the “drops” to meet and act concretely for a day.

Just a drop in the ocean, you’re thinking? Of course, it is! Since 1974, more than 100 countries have joined the movement and millions of people attended. Imagine million people all wanting to act together. It must be the friendliest place on earth!


This year, the theme of the action focuses on beating plastic pollution. As you probably know, plastic is one of the environmental issues that matter most as it poisons our food and makes us oil-addict.

On the UN Environment website, you can find what will happen near you. And if there is nothing yet, why don’t you organize your own action?!


Gilles and Christelle will be on June 3rd at Nathan Beach (Massachusetts, USA). What about you?


More info: http://worldenvironmentday.global/en/about/what-is-it

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