Dry your laundry without dryer

No matter the weather – rain, wind or snow, you can avoid using the dryer. Indeed, you can dry your laundry on the balcony, in the yard or in a room.

You will save both time and electricity. During summer, your laundry can dry in less than 90 minutes; almost as fast as a tumble dryer. Obviously, in winter it will take several hours but you can place your drying rack near the heating.

In addition, the time spent hanging your laundry can be time saved not ironing: While before your laundry was drying in a ball in the machine, now you can hang or spread it flat to avoid ironing. Not ironing is also going to save electricity.


Forget the indoor fragrances: by drying your laundry outdoors, it will have that fresh-air smell and by drying it indoors, it will give a nice floral smell to your home.



Electrical consumption is a real issue for the planet. As a lot of power is produced from coal-fired power plants (even nuclear power plants …), it emits a lot of greenhouse gases (GHGs), including a lot of CO2. So each week that you do not use the dryer, you will save on average:

  • 6.7 kW of power (dryer using)
  • 21.3 Oz. / 603 grams CO2 (power production)
  • 140 ft2 / 13.2 m2 ecological footprint (virtual forest area required to absorb CO2 emissions)


(*) These data are statistically estimated for personal use only. Any use for scientific, business or legal purposes is strongly discouraged.


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